A Small Family Business: Archive

The Archive highlights significant documents relating to A Small Family Business which are held in Archive by either Alan Ayckbourn, the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York or The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. All material is copyright protected and should not be reproduced.

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Extract from correspondence between Alan Ayckbourn and his agent held in the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York. It highlights the play’s original placeholder title of Take It Or Leave It. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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An insert within the National Theatre programme for the world premiere production was an Ayres & Graces catalogue - ostensibly introducing the characters within the play. (Copyright: National Theatre)

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Alan Ayckbourn’s interesting response to a letter complaining A Small Family Business was not the comedy expected and that it was too bleak and dark a play. It offers an insight into Alan’s thoughts about the play’s themes. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)
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Alan Ayckbourn with his company at the National Theatre; this company would feature in A Small Family Business, Tons Of Money and A View From The Bridge. (Copyright: National Theatre)

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Alan Ayckbourn and Michael Gambon backstage at the National Theatre during Alan’s tenure as a company director at the venue. (Copyright: National Theatre)

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