A Small Family Business (1987)

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World Premiere: 21 May 1987
Venue: The Olivier, National Theatre, London
New York Premiere: 27 April 1992
Venue: Music Box Theatre, New York

Note: A Small Family Business is one of only four Ayckbourn plays which did not premiere in Scarborough; it has also never been staged in his adopted home-town.

Play Number: 33
Published: Samuel French, Faber
Other Media: Radio

Short Synopsis: An acclaimed play centred on morality in the modern world. When an honest businessman makes a simple compromise and uncovers family secrets within the business, he and his family unwittingly find themselves on a path from simple misdemeanours to murder.

Amateur: Apply to Concord Theatricals.
Professional: Apply to Casarotto Ramsay.

A Small Family Business quote
"From now on this family's going to be subject to a few hard and fast rules. And anyone who breaks them is going to have the family to answer to."
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